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Why is good lingerie so expensive?

Luxury lingerie looks like less material than “normal” lingerie, so why does it cost so much?

I remember as a little girl the day my dad came home with a new truck. He walked in the door and, as he described it to us kids, he said, “It’s not quite the one I wanted... doesn’t have all the options… but I saved a few thousand on it.” Less than a month later, he was complaining, wishing he had spent a little more money to get the nicer truck, the one he wanted, the one with all the features.

Now don’t get me wrong; he took care of that truck and ran it nearly to death. But when it was finally time to buy a new one, he did his research first. Compared models, researched dealerships. Then he went out and bought the one he wanted. All the options, all the features. He paid a hefty price for it. But he loves it. Not one word of complaint. Drives it every chance he gets because he’s proud of the purchase, and he knows that he’s going to take care of it and keep it running a long time. I learned a valuable lesson from my father:

Pay more to get the thing you really want, and then you take good care of it so it lasts.

We all understand that you pay more for quality. To some, it doesn’t matter if the thing they’re purchasing wears out in a short while. It’s cheap, they’ll just buy a new one. But not for us. We want quality, a product that we know we’ll have for years to come. We pay more for the designer handbag because we know that we’re going to use that handbag every day and take good care of it. We pay more for the expensive running shoes because we know the difference of running a few miles in cheap, heavy, glunky shoes verses lightweight, sleek, well-designed running shoes.

Lingerie is an investment as well. It’s the foundation of every outfit. Every woman knows the feeling of a poorly-made, cheap bra. The low-quality underwire pokes. The too-tight elastic pinches. The cheap material makes us sweat. We constantly have to readjust it. We can’t wait to take it off at the end of the day, and not out of romantic desire. And “lingerie” boutiques are full of items that, while made of a material resembling lace, and in designs that are intended as erotic, come across as trashy and cheap. Wear and wash them once and the lace is tearing and the mesh is pilling. Worse, they make us feel… well… trashy and cheap!

Maybe we suffer with that bra because we feel like we’re wasting money otherwise. We put that lingerie back on because we think it’s what makes our partner happy. Or maybe we pitch it in the back of our drawer and never wear it again. And when we finally pull it out because everything else is in the wash, we find that the material is faded, the elastic has broken down, and it’s all but unwearable. So what do we do? Buy another, cheap, uncomfortable, poorly-made bra or teddy and repeat the cycle?


Quality, luxury bras, panties, and other lingerie may have less fabric to them, but a lot of thought and design goes into their construction to make them comfortable, sexy, alluring, and all-day wearable. Well-designed lingerie supports you, holds you together, and looks amazing. More than that, good, quality lingerie gives you confidence. It accentuates what you want to draw attention to, hints at what is beneath, and supports where you need it. You walk a little taller, stand with poise, and feel bolder because you know you aren’t a cheap toy—you’re a queen, whose affection is to be won and cherished.

Designer lingerie labels pay a lot of attention to the materials we use to construct our pieces. Delicate, eyelash lace and luxuriously-soft mesh can be pricey! We also put a lot of thought into the types of elastic, the straps, and the overall design to ensure not only a fit that flatters, but a look that stuns. And don’t forget the attention to detail in the craftsmanship when assembling these works of art into their final, elegant form!

Start wearing investment-worthy lingerie on a regular basis, and you’ll feel the difference. Quality materials, quality design, quality construction, and alluring appeal. You won’t be the only one who notices the difference; we’re confident that your significant other will too. Once you feel the comfort of support, and the empowerment of elegance, you won’t want to go back to cheap lingerie ever again.

Quality. Comfort. Elegance. And an appeal to keep your lover entranced. Try Aisling Reine on; we’re confident you’ll love what you feel.

After all, our pieces are made for a queen… made for you.