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Our Story

Make Elegance Sexy Again

“Why don’t you ever wear this lingerie I bought you?”

“Cause it hurts me.”

“What about this one?”

“If you want me to wear that, I might as well just be naked!”


Ever had that conversation before? If it's comfortable, it isn’t “appealing.” If it's appealing, it hurts to wear it for longer than a few minutes. Or it leaves too little to the imagination, and you end up feeling like a piece of meat on display.

Sexiness is about confidence, not about how much skin is showing. Seduction is about what isn't seen, not what is blatantly exposed: a glimpse through sheer fabric or delicate lace, a silhouette under sensuous silk.

Aisling Reine was started in 2020 after a housewife got tired of asking herself why looking sexy had to feel so unsexy. At Aisling Reine, we think that the quality of lingerie is determined by how you feel wearing it. We strive to provide alluring and comfortable lingerie that you can feel confident wearing, and that will delight you and your lover.

After all; you're already a queen - why not feel like one in the bedroom too?