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Our Story

“Why don’t you ever wear that lingerie I bought you?”

“Cause it hurts me.”

Has that conversation ever played out in your household? I lost track of the number of times it played out for us. If it was comfortable, it wasn’t as “appealing.” If it was appealing, it hurt to wear it for longer than a few minutes, which made for quite a distraction during romantic evenings.

Why can’t lingerie be sexy and comfortable?

Why can’t lingerie be sophisticated and seductive?

Those were questions we asked ourselves over and over in our seemingly endless quest to find lingerie we could both agree on.

“If you want me to wear that, I might as well just be naked!”

But it’s not what’s seen that’s enticing; seduction is about what isn’t seen. What’s almost seen. What’s hinted at, but not revealed. What’s glimpsed through sheer fabric or delicate lace. What’s silhouetted through sensuous silk. NOT what’s blatantly exposed!

What if lingerie was so alluring that the sight of it could prompt a spontaneous encounter?

What if lingerie was so comfortable, you could wear it all day, ready for the spontaneous encounter at any moment?

Finally, we decided that “if you want something done, you’ll have to do it yourself.”

All the hours we’d spent looking over various styles (what, you don’t do that?), disagreeing about what we liked, pointing out what was enticing, what would probably pinch or bunch or ride up—it was all leading us to a realization of what worked and what simply would never work.

We chose to name our brand for what we hoped to inspire-

Aisling - Irish Gaelic - meaning "vision"
Reine - French - meaning "queen"


To help you envision yourself as the queen you are, worthy of luxury and comfort.

And that’s how Aisling Reine was born. A quest for sexy, elegant, seductive, sophisticated lingerie. With just a hint of fun 😉